explosive power

Dunamis comes to us from the Greek. It means explosive power. It’s the root from which we get the words like dynamo and dynamite.

That’s why we chose it for the name of our new consulting firm. We realize there is explosive power available to create global good. We all have access to explosive power transform society into our shared vision of a more just and beautiful world.

The vision we have at Dunamis International is to help organizations, especially nonprofit organizations achieve their individual visions of that better world. Our goal is to empower thought leaders, to help equip them to change the world.

Together, Allen Renquist and I have over 50 years of hands-on, real-world, nonprofit leadership experience. I have founded three world-class nonprofits. We know how to turn your vision into a reality. Let us help you and your organization make a real difference. Working together we can change the world.